Angloling Tutorial Centre ceases to operate with effect from 1st May 2016.

S6 students wishing to have oral practice call us at 2479 6218 for details.

It's time S5 students did something...

The importance of listening to authentic stuff in the language we learn can hardly be overemphasised. It has always been on the top of our worklists that spoken texts on various topics with different accents are made available for our students, who should listen to them as often as they do their favourite songs or music, so that not only will their competence in listening be enhanced, but they will also be able to gradually move out of the notorious Hong Kong accent and eventually speak like a native speak does.

There are now nine audio files we have put in a folder called L-stuff 1, which all S5 students may have access on Angloling Online. Please go THERE and do whatever is necessary to have them loaded on your preferred electronic gadgets.

Yes wins out

YES wins out in our universal suffrage on whether to post photos on your personal profiles on Angloling Online.

Now with only a group of students left having yet to cast their votes on whether it is too much to have your photos posted in your profiles with us, we are pleased to announce that those saying yes to us outnumber those saying no by more than 30%.

Here we are - we will have your photos on the elearning platform and soon we will know who are self-starters and who need chivvying on.

You may pose a question

Got a problem in English and don't know what to do? Now as our students, you can pose a question to us.

But you start to wonder when you will get a response - don't worry, we pledge you will get one on the following day from Monday through Friday.

As for the weekend, when you know we are DAMN busy, a proper reply will be issued on the following Monday. Okay?

Now go THERE

THERE is the name of the virtual space where you may review your classes by videos, do quizzes, pose a question, take part in group writing etc. Of course, it is on our elearning platform Angloling Online.

Why not go THERE to take a tour now?

Scoreboard is on for all students

We are pleased to announce that from now on students enrolled with us will have grammar and vocabulary drills on a frequent basis.

Drills for specific groups are announced in the class weekly. To get to the Scoreboard, you may just click on the title above, which will take you to Angloling Online.

Angloling Online, which can also be found in the navigation bar, serves us as the electronic platform for grammar and vocabulary enhancement beyond the physical class.

Drills on items talking about people available...

Drills on a combo of items talking about people are available for the S6 intensive students in the coming two weeks.

These items are really fundamental stuff for a lot of purposes. Serious students, once they finish revision on the vocabulary in question, should click on the title above, and get to the link for logging onto the scoreboard, which would become their favourite virtual haunt from now on.

What is required of you during enrolment?

You have to fill in a form in English, which means you need to know a number of things in English, like your home address.

No electronic gadget at Centre!

Students (and their parents as well) should beware that mobile phones are to be turned off before getting into our Centre for enrolment, and NOT in our Centre.

Class Demos

How to compare and contrast?

Mr Wong talks about how to do 'compare and contrast' with two constructions you learned back in S.1 or S.2. With proper understanding and a bit of extension of the constructions concerned, you may be able to produce something great.

On 400-word essay

A must-watch for 400-word essay. With Mr Wong's guidance, you will delve into the essential bits of an expository essay.

Talking about an accident

The video illustrates how we handle vocabulary in context (a traffic accident in this case) together with intriguing syntactic structures. Eager students should treasure it.

Are tutorial classes a must?


Absolutely not.


Tutorial classes are things extra to students’ regular school curriculum. Parents spend extra money and students extra time on them.
Students should carefully consider their needs and the usefulness of a tutorial class to them before taking it on. Attending a tutorial class out of herd instinct or because of being forced by parents may render the money and time spent futile.

Think twice.


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